Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cosplay decided and star dress: take 2

My costume for Comic Con 2010 is decided: Violet Baudelaire. I'm going with Violet mainly because this is a difficult costume: there are pleats all over the hem of the two-layer skirt, lots of applique, and the top part of the dress is a bodice, which I've never made before.

I think I will need to make that duct tape dressform after all.
Here's a rough sketch of the costume:

I'm starting off with Violet's boots, which look like this:

I have some boots that I bought for 5 Euro from a charity shop which can be remade into Violet's boots. I'll be adding buttons to make them look more authentic, as well as some straps. The buttons (all 14 of them) were about 5 Euro.

My other project is finishing the star dress. The first draft was a total and utter failure (see previous blog entries). None of the original fabric could be salvaged, so I used a long cotton scarf as my base fabric and a less complicated pattern. The skirt is made up of six panels, while the bodice was absed on a halter-neck t-shirt of mine.

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