Monday, May 9, 2016

Cosplay Throwbacks: Wonder Woman

When? 2013. I made this for Malta Comic Con.
 How? The corset is made of stretch velvet because that was the only nice red material that I had at the time. I made a Tudor corset using plastic boning and some kind of twill. The shorts are made of a slightly stretchy star print material. I made the pattern myself. The Belt, Bracers, and Eagle are made from the back side of a piece of vinyl that I spray painted gold, then attached to the costume with snaps. The bracers close with velcro. The tiara is made from craft foam; I painted the star red with nail polish. THe bootcovers are made from the same stretch velvet as the corset, and white lycra.

 Has it aged well? I think it looks quite good, though if I made a Wonder Woman costume today it would make a more realistic version. If I wanted to keep to the classic design, I would alter the shorts to be slightly more flattering and use a bustier pattern instead of the Tudor corset.

Would I remake it? I'd love to make another Wonder Woman costume, but probably not this variant. I like Gal Gadot's costume in Batman vs Superman, and I've seen some Xena-inspired designs that look great.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cosplay throwback: Lady Gaga

I made the American Flag bikini from Telephone in 2010; I think it was for Notte Bianca. I made the Red Leotard from an event in 2011 (JapanEase) - I wore the latter for a Joker/Harley "Bad Romance" skit (hence the cake: it was for Puddin' and Harley's anniversary - and a really convenient prop for all the backup dancers to hide behind before we made our appearance). These are two of my earliest costumes. 
American flag bikini: I chopped up red and blue t-shirts, painted on the stars and stripes with acrylic paint, and stamped the little stars on to a piece of blue cotton for the headband. The top is fastened with snaps. The wig is a cheap Halloween wig. I think I attempted to paint the star on my face with a silver lip gloss and black eye liner.
Red leotard: Made from an old red jersey dress. I made a leotard pattern - I think I traced around some shorts and a t-shirt. The cowl is just a rectangle of fabric sewn into a tube. The belt was black stretchy fabric and felt.
 Have they aged well?
Ehhh . . . the Stars and Stripes bikini hasn't. It's pretty ugly. I didn't even keep it-I think it got chopped up for another project. I think the Red Leotard was more successful: it fitted and looked pretty good.
 Would I remake it?
No. It was fun to wear these, but I don't have any particular desire to revisit Gaga. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad: T-Shirt

I've slowly been making progress on Harley Quinn's Suicide Squad outfit. If Suicide Squad is anything like Batman v Superman (allegedly) is, then  I'll be disappointed, but I still like this bizarre costume. 

The Shirt
I mixed fabric medium with acrylic paint and painted the areas that I wanted red. I used masking tape to mask out these areas. Once all the paint dried (with some help from a hair dryer), I painted the other side. I watered down some paint to create the ombre/blotchy effect. I made the sleeve blue by wetting part of the left sleeves, then mixing up watered down blue acrylic. I dipped the lower part of the sleeve into blue paint mix - the blue paint naturally is absorbed by the wet fabric, creating a natural ombre effect. Unfortunately, the red stripes were not perfectly dry, so I also have a few red streaks on that sleeve. 
Once all the paint was bone dry, I ironed the shirt to set the paint. I printed out the logo (I think I found it on the sorry girls tumblr), and drew on the back of the paper with pencil. By rubbing the front of the paper with a pen, I transferred the outlines of the letters to the shirt, then used fabric and permanent markers to colour it in. 
I cut off the collar and shape the neckline a little. I’d rather not distress the shirt as I’d like to wear it to university, so I left it as is. I had to alter the collar a little, because I made a mistake when I was painting the shirt. I stretched out the shirt too much during painting, so it dried stretched, and was gaped a bit at the neckline. I pinned and sewed a small dart - simple fix.  

Over the Garden Wall Cosplay: Progress 1

Been a while since I updated, but I have been working on a few projects. I've almost finished styling a wig, and sewn about 50% of my Beatrice costume. 

The Wig
1) Here’s the wig I bought. The ponytails are quite thick, so you will have a lot of wefts to work with. 

2) You should only need a single ponytail for Beatrice’s bun. I’m keeping the other ponytail for a different costume. 
You also need something to wrap the wig hair around. I bought a hair donut, but it was too small. I cut the donut open, and I took so old socks and twisted and sewed them to form the other half of the donut.
3) Remove the ponytail from the clip, then use a seam ripper to remove the wefts. 
4) I used hot glue to attach the hair. It’s best to use loose hair, unless you can somehow hide the stitching of the wefts. I cut off the threads of the wefts. Glue the hair around the donut as best as you can.
5) My bun was a little messy, so I used hair spray to try and hold down all the little fly away hairs.

Not sure how to attach this to the wig. Maybe wig clips or hair pins? 
The Dress
I spent most of my holidays sewing this costume. 
Pattern was a Burda style regency pattern: I don’t think it’s a historically accurate pattern but it looks great. b
The light blue material was found in a thrift shop. The white organza came from a curtain remant, and the slightly darker blue is actually that I used on the neckline. So far the dress looks quite pretty, though for some reason the under-stitching didn’t work as well as I hoped it would, as at the moment the lining keeps rolling out. This may change once I put a zip in. I also need to finish tacking on the sash, and to make the light blue under-dress. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Harley Quinn: Suicide Squad 2016: Quick Update

I'm still gathering supplies to make this. So far I've got a white shirt, red dye/permanent markers (not sure whether to use dye or markers for the red parts of the shirt-I think I'd like to make a test shirt to see what it looks like). I also found some really nice trainers which I prefer to Harley's strange Adidas high heels. 
I've got a blonde wig at home which I might be able to alter to a ponytail wig, and dye. That leaves the shorts, tights, and accessories. That belt buckle confounds me: I'm tempted to buy worbla and fashion a fake buckle, and manufacture a belt that closes with snaps. And for the shorts I'll need to look at fabric prices before I decide how to construct them. I like living in Budapest but there's a surprising shortage of stretchy sequin material :P 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Malta Comic Con Photoshoot: Juliet and Fionna

Long time no update, but vet school has been taking up a lot of my time. Coupled with the fact that I don't have a sewing machine at the moment, that means I don;t have much to write about. However, I recently was able to go back to Malta. Fortunately Malta Comic Con organised a photoshoot to promote the 2015 convention, so I brought a couple of costumes along.

The first costume to get photos was Sakizou's Juliet.
Model: MalteseLizzieMcGee Cosplay
Photographer: Photography by Sven Farrugia  

The photos were taken at Magazino Hall on the Waterfront. Part of the building will be used to house the convention, but we used the more run down part of the building for the shoot. I wore the worst shoes for this type of building: very uncomfortable white heels that made walking difficult and even a bit painful. That's what you get for wearing badly fitting shoes.

 I changed quickly into my Fionna costume. Luckily I wore the same wig for both costumes, which saved time. 
Cosplayer: MalteseLizzieMcGee cosplay
Photographer: JD Media

I've had this rusty old sword in my wardrobe for a long time, and thought it would be perfect for Fionna.

My dress did get a couple of marks from dust and dirt. Hopefully those will wash out! You can see the uncomfortable shoes in this photo: I bought them for Madokami (that project isn't progressing any time soon :( ) but they are too big and mega uncomfortable: I stuffed the toes with tissue paper to try to make them fit, and now they are even more uncomfortable.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Harley Quinn photos

Realised that I didn't have any photos of me wearing my Harley costume, so I took a few photos at home. There's a white wall next to the window with very good lighting. I'd prefer a wig with more volume in the ponytails, but other than that I'm quite satisfied with the costume. Next time I will wear black stockings or socks, because the legs of the bodysuit are a bit too short and my ankle shows.