Sunday, October 3, 2010

Violet Costume Completed!

EDIT: I added an elastic waistband and got rid of the bias binding because the latter was far too tight.

At last it's finished! No photos just yet, but only because I'll be wearing it to the Malta International Cosplayer's Association photoshoot today, where I should get some good shots. I've done my hair, with some help from my mother and a lot of gel to keep the wispy bits in check (my own fault for asking the hairdresser to layer my hair back in July)

There are a few things that need altering: the wool lacing of the vest will be replaced with ribbon, and the glued on decoration will be sewn on in due course. the msot pressing task was sewing on the pleats to the overskirt. the actual pleats used were really difficult to understand: I couldn't make head nor tail of them
So I used a different method called knife pleating and then I cut out a triangular shape on each pleat. It looked great and was eaiser to do. I used chiffon so that the pleats would ahve a different textured from the organza overskirt.

Photos of my Lady Gaga costume will be up here shortly. Sadly everyone thought that I was Wonder Woman :(.

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