Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MICA events of late

I have tons of news: our cosplay skit 'Bad Romance' was recorded by a DJ Vision at Super One studio, and will be aired 5th August. Oh the excitement! I didn't mention this before because we nearly cancelled it: our Joker was sick so we had to draft in a Joker at the last minute. Somehow he learnt the dance just in time, so congrats to him and all the other members of MICA who participated. Here are some photos from the event.

I wish I'd had a pair of tights, though. The leotard is a little bit short at the back, to the point of being immodest-probably no more so than most swimming costumes, but still too short for me.

Another recent event was the MICA Mini Expo-again, I didn't mention this because the date wasn't confirmed until a few days before the performance. The expo  began with a fashion show . . .

Malta's Next Top Cosplayer-LOL.
I am seriously tempted to use one of these as my  blog header: the old one needs updating and these photos are great. On the other hand, I'm not sure where I stand vis a vis copyright-I'll have to check with the photographer.

I can't believe it: I forgot my black hairband AGAIN
Argh-my hairband!
Followed by Caramel Dansen (this is not yet cliched in Malta)
Guess who didn't know the moves and had to make them up? Hint: someone in a blonde wig . . .
This was followed by skits. I don't have photos from all the skits, but there were a lot: Yu Gi Oh, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, X Men, Ben Ten, Naruto, and Bad Romance, quite apart from Michael Robert Jackson's performance.
I want your psycho, your vertical stick . . . These are the same boot covers that I sued for my Jessie costume.
I'd say that all this activity bodes well for MICA and cosplay in Malta on the whole. Thanks to the untiring efforts of MICA;s President, cosplay in Malta is becoming more widely known. If we're lucky, it might be possible to organise a national cosplay contest in 2012 (unless Armageddon occurs LOL).

I was planning to keep the writeup of events short and launch into a discussion on dyes (natural v man made, environmental impact etc), but I think that deserves a post of its own. Call it something to look forward to.

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