Sunday, September 18, 2011

Starting Sweet Pea and finishing Steampunk

I've started my Sweet Pea cosplay. It's hard work-and i haven't even begun sewing.The pattern I'm using is printed on very thin tissue paper (thinner even than what Burda style print their patterns on) which refuses to lie flat. I had to weigh it down with several shoes to keep it in place while I was tracing it on to my baking paper (love the stuff. I think I will use it for all other patterns). The only problem is, I've run out of baking paper and the shops are shut.

Never mind, I can work on the rest of the costume, like what Sweet Pea wears under her Medieval coat thing. I think I might be a romper or a bikini. I'm making a tank top and shorts for modesty. So my Bellatrix dress is getting put to good use. I cut the top half off to make a tank top. It will have to be worn back to front to hide the silver swirls: luckily the neckline is identical for both sides of the dress, so it won't show. The rest of the dress can be used to make shorts.

The white stuff is paper. I'm trying to avoid a lettuce edge, and I have hear that using thin paper helps to prevent this.

The steampunk costume is nearly complete. The corset needs eyelets and cord for lacing, and I need to make a new mini top hat for the costume. I'm also debating whether to get rid of the legwarmers and replaced them with stockings/tights/leggings. I've seen a really nice pair of leggings with a diamond print that I like.

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