Saturday, October 6, 2012

Little Blue Dress

The Jessica Rabbit costume is not happening: I think it's beyond my skill level at the moment. Maybe in the future it will get converted into a Katniss costume, but for now I'm working on a different project, inspired by one of my favourite TV films.

I loved Sy Fy's take on Alice in Wonderland. 'Alice' managed to feature most of the elements and characters from the book (they managed to include the Duchess! Almost no one bothers with her, which is a shame because she is an awesome character). Alice's blue dress is perfect for a simple Halloween costume.

Here's my progress so far.
 The material is blue chintz. The blue is a little brighter than the actual dress, but close enough for my purposes. I used McCalls M4491: heavily altered! Mainly because the shape was the closest to what I wanted. Actually, does anyone find that the pattern runs large? I had to take my dress in about 1 or 2 centimetres all over.
 I found a really great website after I started making this dress It reveals that I got the placement of my pockets wrong (this dress has pockets! which will be really useful for my phone and small change), but got most of the other details right. 
Here is the sewn front. I added a facing to the neckline for a neat finish. The dress still needs work: currently it is a little too long, needs a zip, and ric rac decoration. Also, need to figure out how to add a box pleat to the back.
Observe the pleat
Overall, I really like the way this dress is turning out, and am looking forward to cosplaying Alice.

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