Thursday, January 24, 2013

Late but Lucky: Ears and Paws

The Hat is done. It was made using the Threadbanger Mad Hatter tutorial. The brim is wired, to give it some panache. The ears are a little smaller than in the reference pictures, but I don't have that much fake fur available, and wanted to keep most of it for the foot paws.

 The base shoes are canvas lace up shoes. They were too battered to wear, and leaked a lot, so they were perfect for this project. I hot glued foam pieces to the shoes, glue the tongue of the shoe to the inside of shoes, and cut a little of the tongue off so that I could fit my feet into the shoes.
 I used scissors to shape the toes, cut a little foam away at a time to get the right shape.
 Trimming, trimming, trimming.
 I then began to cover the paws in fur. I glued in the claws first. There are small holes in the fur so that the claws could fit through.
 Furring, furring, furring. 
The completed foot paws. Not bad for my first go. 
Next is the bunny bow paws and tail. I hope i have enough fur left over.

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