Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Harley Quinn: Accessories

The main costume is done, but I'm putting together all the accessories I need to enhance the look.

The Mask:
The mask was quite simple to make. I had an old paper mache mask around, which I cut into the shape i wanted, and painted black. It took about two coats of paints: one layer acrylic, one layer spray paint. I think I'll use spirit gum to hold it on.

The Coat:
The wind can be quite nippy at this time of year, so I wanted to have a coat to wear with the costume. I bought this beauty at Tintagel ages and ages ago. It's a red PVC trench coat that fastens with buckles in front and a zip. 

The Hammer:
 Harley Quinn seems to have a giant hammer a lot of the time. I like giant hammers, and it's quite simple to make, so I'm making one as I write.

The hammer is made from my old Princess Mononoke spear. The handle is an old broom handle. The top of the hammer is a roll of card, strengthened on the inside with circles of card. These circles help the hammer to keep its shape and not collapse or buckle. The pole fits into a small hole in the hammer head, with some hot glue for security. 
The bands around the hammer are made from this strange piece of foam I found lying on the ground. I cut strips of foam and hot glued them around the hammer, then I glued thin card on top of the foam, and stuck strips of masking tape over that for strength, and to make it easier to paint. The nail heads on the bands are plastic gems.  

A quick guide to making a giant hammer:
Materials: Cardboard/medium weight card; a pole; masking tape; brown paper tape; hot glue gun; glue sticks; plastic gems; acrylic paint/spray paint

1. Take a large piece of card/cardboard, and bend it into a cylinder. Tape or glue it in shape.
2. Find the middle of the cylinder (lengthways) and mark with a cross.
3. Make a hole smaller than the diameter of your pole at the marking.
4. Cut out 4 cardboard circles the same diameter as your cylinder. 
5. Slide two of the circles into your cylinder, either side of the hole. These will help to support the cylinder's shape. Add a little hot glue to hold them in place.
6. Stick the other two circles to the outsides of the cylinder, so that they close the cylinder. Trim down the edges.
You should have a closed cylinder.
7. Measure out where you want your metal bands to be on the hammer head. Mark with a permanent marker.
8. Take some thick card or foam, and cut out a long strip.
9. Carefully glue the strip on to the cylinder where you want your band to be.
10. Cut another strip, and stick it on the other end of the cylinder. YOu should have two bands on the cylinder now.
11. If, like me, you used foam, cut a strip of thin card, and glue in over the foam.
12. Cover you bands with masking tape, to create a smooth surface for painting.
13. For your nailheads, mark on the bands at regular intervals where you want the nailheads to be.
14. GLue plastic gems over the marks. These will be your nailheads. 
15. If you are using a plastic pole, cover it in brown paper tape or masking tape.
16. Place hot glue on the top of the pole, and slide it into the hammer head. Hold it in place until it sticks. Put some glue around the hole for reinforcement.
17. Paint the bands silver. You may need multiple coats.
19. Once the silver paint dries, cover your hammer head in brown paper tape. The tape will look like wood.
20. You should end up with a brown hammer with silver bands. 

Other accessories:
Choker, gloves, tights, arm warmers, and thigh high socks. Need I say more?

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