Saturday, July 13, 2013

Making Steampunk Stripes: Part 2: Lace

To finish off the steampunk stripes dress, I needed to put a little lace on the neckline. The lace I used was actually cut in half along its length, so that I would have more lace to use. I then tacked it to the outer layer of cloth. The lace was pointing down when I tacked it, so that when I turned the seam allowance inwards, the lace would then point up. Once the lace was tacked on and the two layers of material were pinned together, I sewed everything by hand using teeny tiny stitches. It does need to be ironed and it might need top-stitching to hold everything in place, but the dress is more or less finished! 

Now I'm trying to think of what to wear with it. Boots and tights are decided, but I'm not sure about whether to have a choker or a jabot, a hat or a fascinator, gloves or arm warmers. 
Any thoughts?


  1. Very nice dress. That clipped dot striped fabric is ridiculously awesome, wherever you got it from!

    1. It's from a local fabric shop - I was both surprised and happy to find it. Best thing is they still have some left in the shop