Thursday, October 3, 2013

Um of Umbridge

Finally, photos! A friend and I did a mini photoshoot in a garden. It was very sunny, so a few of our photos were too bright, but for the most part we took some great pictures. 

The wig I'm wearing came from JCpunk on ebay. It isn't accurate, but I didn't have a dark blond curly wig on hand.

You can't see him very clearly, but I'm talking to one of my cats in this photo.

 We had the idea to get out a paintbrush for this picture!
You can clearly see the cat in these two. He is such a good model. 
 And another cat, helping me paint the roses red. I couldn't keep him out of the shot, so just included him instead. He makes an excellent Cheshire cat.
 The dress kept getting caught on rose thorns. I think tulle tends to get caught on things in general. 
My friend tried to get a few pictures taken from a lower viewpoint, to make me look taller. 
You know what the trickiest part of  this shoot was? Spider webs. The spiders in the garden love making webs across paths, and if you aren't paying attention, you walk right into them. This was one of the few areas not covered in web

This costume was very comfortable. It's as accurate as I can afford to make it, and I'd love to wear it to a convention in the future.

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