Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wonderland Milinery

Been a while, hasn't it? But I've got an excuse - I was making hats.

 I was asked to make seven ALice in Wonderland inspired hats for a University party, based on various characters from the story.
So I came up with a bunch of designs:
 The Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit: The Hatter's was easy. It was green silky material, a band of pink material, a peacock feather, and a size card. The White Rabbit's ended up being much more complicated, because I sewed strips of red material together to mimic a waistcoat. The rabbit ears also had to have wires inside to hold their shape.
 The Caterpillar and the Cheshire Cat: The Cat's hat was fun: just purple and pink material, and a strip of purple marabou for the tail

 The Queen of Hearts and Card Soldier: The Queen's hat took a lot of time, because I had to make all the roses! I followed a tutorial on youtube to make the flowers. The Card Soldier involved a lot of white lycra (I finally found a use for it!) and lots of fabric paint.

I didn't use all of these designs: the Caterpillar's fez was replaced with a top hat, and Alice's top hat became a mini top hat. Alice's hat was very simple; again based on a Youtube tutorial

These hats a basically cylinders of builder's card, with a circle of card for the top, and a doughnut shaped piece of card for the brim. The fabric is partly glued, partly sewed on. Things like feathers and flowers are either glued on or slotted into the hat band.

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