Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pop Art Cats

 Pop art cats! I've always wanted to try this. Black and white cats have the high contrast appearance of a pop art print, so they are the perfect subject for this mini-project. I used photos of some of my cats (all past, since they are either now deceased or moved out): Boris, Olga, and Indi(go). 
 I followed a tutorial, which recommended using the threshold tool in Photoshop. It's more effective than the level adjustment. I also had a duplicate layer that was pixellated to get a screentone texture, but it doesn't show much (probably need to play around more with the layers and pixel size)
One weird thing I noticed was the colour difference when I switched from the main computer to a laptop. The colours on the main computer were very bright, but on the laptop, they looked washed out. I altered the pictures on the laptop to make them look bright again, but I'm still really surprised at just how different they looked. I'm beginning to see the importance of test prints. 

I'm thinking that these might look nice on a t-shirt. Maybe screen printing should be my next project.

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