Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Things I want to make in 2014

I want to make . . . 
 A red dress. I had a look at my wardrobe, and I seem to have very little red. I also have very few smart dresses. So it would be great to have something pretty and smart. I love halter neck dresses, though I am tempted to make a strapless dress.

 A black gothic aristocrat dress. I would love to make something this sophisticated looking, with oodles of horsehair braid in the hem and ruffles everywhere. 
 A galaxy dress. I am VERY late to the party, but I've always liked the idea. There are many tutorial on creating a galaxy print, and I'd love to experiment with it. It seems to involves spraying diluted bleach on to black or dark purple cloth, then adding fabric paint to create the textures. I have an idea of making this from an old pair of overalls.
A military style dress. I have faux brass buttons, and I need to put them to good use XD

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