Monday, October 13, 2014


A friend of mine wants to do an Adventure Time skit and asked if I'd like to be Fionna. Of course I said yes: Adventure Time is one of my favourite shows. I love the combination of surreal humour with an apocalyptic back story and occasional drama. 

A quick breakdown of the costume:

  • Top: Ebay, but I took it in for a better fit
  • Wig: Ebay
  • Skirt: Also ebay. Fits perfectly
  • Socks: I made these by pinning white lycra around my legs. The stripes are not actually drawn on the socks, but actually are on a separate piece of lycra. This piece of lycra is like a garter, so if I need the socks for something else, I don't have to worry about hiding the stripes - I can just removed the garter.
  • Bag: I had some leftover chintz which I painted green and sewed into a bag. There's a zip in the centre of the bag, so it is actually functional (because what's the point of non functional bags?)
  • Hat: I love fleece, which is just as well, because I've made and remade Fionna's bunny hat several times for my etsy shop. This is a simple fleece hat that fastens under the chin with a snap. The most recent hats have pipe cleaners inside the ears to help hold the ears upright. If you want me to make you a Finn or Fionna hat, you can request one from my etsy shop: 

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