Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mockups and Alterations

Remember the aristocrat black dress?
It did not fit very well, nor did it look very nice. So I thought I would separate the skirt and shirt and see if it looked better.

 Here's the shirt on its own. I serged the bottom (I got a secondhand overlock machine and am finding it very useful) and them turned up the hem and sewed it with a straight stitch. Look better to me. Then I cut open a section of the skirt, added a waistband, and sewed in a zip.
Much improved. Sadly it still doesn't suit me much. If I make it shorter it looks nicer, but then it's too short for me. This one will probably be up for sale in my etsy shop.

In other news, I'm making mockups for THIS
 Cos damn it, I want a sparkly super detailed princessy outfit too!
The mockup on the left is based on a Burdastyle regency pattern, the other is a Burdastyle pattern "Danielle", which I have used before. If not for the stripes, I might used the one of the left, but pattern matching the stripes with the princess seam will be difficult. I had to pattern match for my Striped Steampunk dress, and it was a hassle. I think, for my sanity (what's left of it :) ) I'll use the one of the right for the bodice, but incorporate the train of the pattern on the left. 

I'm planning my costumes for Sci Fi Con in July. Female Titan is confirmed, just need to get makeup and repaint the legs. I will probably wear Lady Loki too. 
I want to make Asuka Langley Soryuu, but I think the cotton lycra I order isn't stretch enough. I may need to replace it, and lycra is a bit expensive (maybe it will be cheaper during or after Carnival?). I'm also tempted to do Madoka (Madokami version), Princess Serenity, Queen Isabel (The Fountain, but making it would take AGES and it's JULY, so hot!), Big Sisters (Bioshock 2), or maybe Xena.

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