Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sakizo's Juliet: Part 4: The Skirt

Making the skirt for this dress was not fun. I should have interfaced all the velvet, because it kept shifting when I tried to cut it. Even the lining material was difficult to cut properly. I intended to fully lining this dress, and cut out the bodice and skirt from lining material. 
I even added side pockets. 
 Lining the dress was a disaster. The lining and the velvet were not the same size, and it would not lie flat. I scrapped the lining on the skirt and only lined the bodice. Luckily I could salvage the velvet. The best option seemed to be ironing on interfacing to stop the fabric slipping about, then hem and decorate the skirt as I had originally planned. The hidden pockets would have to go on the white under-dress.

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