Monday, June 27, 2016

San: Part 2: The Tunic

The second stage of making San's clothing was making her tunic. I found a fake suede curtain in a thrift shop. The first step was cutting out two rectangles of fabric for the front and back of the tunic. I used a large t-shirt to help me decide the size. 
 I draped it on a dress form, over the purple dress.
 Next I pinned the pieces of material together at the top, where the shoulders would be, and drew out where the armpits are with some chalk. With help, I pinned the sides to get the correct width. I also drew the neckline. I drew out the seam allowances and cut out the tunic pieces.
 Next came hemming. The sides are double folded hems, and I made a facing for the straps and neckline. I pinned the sides and used a big needle and some yarn to sew the edge down, to make it look more authentic. I made a facing from a thinner fabric. I used yarn to sew a running stitch along the straps and neckline.
 Once all the hemming and stitching was done, I sewed the straps together with yarn.
 Next came the side lacing. I used two part eyelets, then sewed over the top with embroidery thread, mixing the colours to make it rougher looking. I used some kind of string trim the lace the sides shut.

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