Friday, July 8, 2016

Harley Quinn: Assault on Arkham

Harley Quinn (Assault on Arkham)
I actually finished this costume in early February but forgot to upload it!
I liked the design of Harley's costume in "Assault on Arkham", and decided to make a quick Carnival costume. I used the same red spandex as for my Harley catsuit, and some random black lycra that I had in my stash. 

I started out with a Kwik Sew Pattern:
I split the leggings and top at the waist seam, which was quite simple. 
I made a few mistakes in construction. I should have used a separating invisible zip for the top, and I should have made the leggings higher in the waist, as they ride a bit too low.
I also didn't have time to style a wig for this look (lazy :P).
The belt and collar are made of black vinyl. I made a paper collar first to make sure that it looked right, then cut out a vinyl collar. THe collar closes at the back with snaps. The pompoms are made of wool. I used a simple method where you wrap the wool around your fingers, rather thank going through the hassle of using cardboard circles.  

The studs on the belt are metal: I took them from an old belt. The belt is just a strip of vinyl folded in half and sewn into a tibe, then turned inside out and topstitched down. It closes with a large snap. The belt buckle is non-functional - just a piece of craft foam covered with cloth and painted silver, then glued onto the belt with hot glue.
The glove and arm warmer were very easy to make. The arm warmer is just a tube of lycra with a bit of elastic at either end to help it stay on. For the glove, I just traced around my hand and sewed it up. 

I'd like to give kudos to Axcelaration Cosplay for her video, in which she explained how she made her Harley costume. It was really helpful to me. 

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