Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn: The Accessories

My costume has come together. I;m going to see Suicide Squad tomorrow - maybe it's good, maybe it's terrible, but I guess I'll find out. Today let's look at the accessories.

I found these boots in Budapest (I live there most of the year). They weren't too expensive, are much comfier than high heels, and looks quite similar to Harley Quinn's boots. There's a hidden wedge in these boots, so I look at bit taller.  


The glove is made from sleeves from an older sweater. I drew around my hand, and cut and pinned until it fitted well, then painted on the design with acrylic paint + fabric medium. I was a bit impatient waiting for the paint to dry, but it turned out all right.

The belt is a Frankenstein-monster mash of an old stud belt, hot glue, a strip of vinyl, snap fasteners, and craft foam. I'm not sure how durable this belt will be, and I may remake it. I initially tried inserting the studs into the belt, but it was really hard to align the studs properly.


These are made from an old belt, craft foam, hot glue, and velcro. The weird marks are hot glue - I was initially going to use this belt to make the studded belt, changed my mind and ripped off the studs, but unfortunately the glue marks remained. 

This is also made from the same old belt that I used for the bracelets, painted white. The letters are also made of craft foam and are hot glued on. 

The holster isn't complete; I still need a toy gun and an actual holster to attach to the harness, but I can do that later. This is made from a strip of black vinyl, decorated with studs (I only had brass coloured ones, so painted them silver). I had this metal ring on my desk, and used it for the back of the holster.


 It's August and it is sweltering. Even at night it's pretty hot. All in all, Harley's jacket will probably be too hot to wear to the cinema. I need somewhere to keep my tickets, phone etc, so I made this drawstring bag. I used Annika Victoria's tutorial, which is excellent

Baseball Bat
I could have bought a real baseball bat . . .but you know, I must like making work for myself or something. So I made one from foam, following the excellent instructions in this tutorial:
I deviated from the instructions here and there. I shouldn't have used hot glue, because the edges were very uneven. 
Here's the basic bat I made. The core  is an old broomstick, sawed down to the right length. I primed it with a layer of light yellow acrylic paint.
 I painted the bat to a base colour, and added a subtle wood effect - it doesn't really show in these photos. I decorated it, and then my brother, my boyfriend and I decorated the bat with various Harley Quinn appropriate quotes. I wrapped the handle in a strip of thin white cloth, and that was it!

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