Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Violet Baudelaire cosplay: Boots and Bodice

So far I have finished making a template for the bodice. the idea is to make a cloth template then trace a pattern from it on to tracing paper. I started by following Dawn's Costume Guide to make a basic bodice shape. I then slowly began to add bits and pieces to make it look more like Coleen Atwood's deisgn, such as the sleeves . . .
The triangular points on the front of the bodice . . . . . . and on the back . . .
. . . finishing off by making the back a little higher with some horrendous neon cloth that used to be a pair of trousers.
These boots cost roughly 10 Euro to make: 5 for the boots and 5 for the buttons and thread. One is already finished, though it took quite a while, since I'm have to blanket stitch by hand. I have a feeling that somewhere in the manufacture of these boots glue or interfacing was used because my needle is decidley sticky after a few hours of sewing.

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