Monday, August 2, 2010

Violet Baudelaire costume continued

The boots are finished at last. I'm working on the bodice as I type (not literally . . . :P ). I made some laterations to it. I think I will have to line it to make it stiffer: I'll pick up some red lining material when I go to get the sheer black/charcoal fabric for the overskirt, skirt decoration and bodice stripes-and the velvet ribbon for the front panels. And a million and one grommets, plus a few hook and eye fastenings, and a multidude of black and purple ribbons for various fastenings.
I wish the sewing machine hadn't broken at such as inconvenient time: the needle snapped when I was sewing a brush holder, and the replacement needles isn't working out very well. I was consdiering getting a new sewing machine and perhaps a serger, and now it seems that I shall have to. Hopefully Lidly will get a few in stock, otherwise I'll use someone else's machine or handsew (hope I won't have to!)
I need to stop browsing The Costumer's Guide to Movie Costumes : I want to make almost all the costumes there-but I will restrain myself! Though my follow-ups to the Violet costume will probably be Arwen's Blood Red gown, Dorothy's costume from The WIzard of Oz, and Neytiri from Avatar, not necessarily in that order though.

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