Friday, August 27, 2010

Bodice 98% done, and t-shirt designs

The bodice of my Violet costume is nearly done, it just needs eyelets and lacing. The overskirt, the sleeves and the undershirt need to be done. I am not looking forward to all those pleats. I've found 10 metres of eyelet tape that I'll be using for the overskirt: it's the wrong colour, but it's easily dyed: it will save me so much work. Putting in eyelets is a tedious job, and I like to avoid it wherever I can.

I've been making accessories in prepartion for Comic Con or any other event where I can sell things. I'm considering creating an Etsy account.

T-shirt designs are going very well. I have a bunch of t-shirt waiting to be experimented on, and I've drawn up a few designs. I think these are a lot better than anything I've drawn before. I like 'Kickass Bunny' because it oculd make a good series of designs. Butterfly Eyes is more artsy, but from all the t-shirt designs I've been staring at over the past few months, that should be fine. YEs, I have been staring at t-shirt designs: I walked into a shop that bought most of its stock from Ironfist, and the t-shirts there are fabulous, though expensive. One thing I would like to try making is this Ironfist hoody:
It would be a really fun challenge, though I'll ater the design from the original. There's also a t-shirt version that will be fun to try. Ironfist's t-shirt (and hoody) designs are some of my favourites. Actually they do great designs for most of their line: a personal favourite is a bikini featuring a monster's eyes and mouth.
For some reason I really want to draw a mechanical spider design. I've probably been to Zara too many times.

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