Monday, September 13, 2010

Bodice and Puff Sleeves

Guess who's been playing with the levels in photoshop? Most of the eyelets are in. As for the skirt, I've bought 10 metres of eyelet tape (I love to cheat).The tape is at present light blue, but an encounter with black Dylon should fix that. I've got some good fabric glue to stick the ribbons and 'embryo' shapes on to the organza panels.

Organza looks great but I find it annoying: it frays very easily and starts to look like laddered tights.
I've started work on the puff sleeves too. The first one is finished. I had to do this twice: the first time I made it far to small and it began to cut off my circulation. I used elastic the second time, which is much comfier. The sleeves are attached to a tank top. The purple 'ribbon' is actually elastic that I've coloured with a fabric marker. I owe a lot to What the Craft
The tank top just needs a greyish panel on the front to make it look like the original costume. The fishnet sleeves are sorted: I have a pair of long fishnet gloves that will stretch to the right length.

Note to self: Choose an easier costume next time!

I'm going to be preparing a presentation on cosplay for Comic Con in mid-October, and this costume will feature prominently in the Intermediate to Expert section. Expert will include just about every costume from Marie Antoinette, Sleepy Hollow and Pirates of the Caribbean!

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