Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Going Ga Ga

I've found a mini project to interrupt my Violet Baudelaire costume: a Lady Gaga costume. For Notte Bianca I will be wearing this

Luckily this v]costume is very simple. I already own a blue bikini, so the bikini top will need a little altering, then I'll applique on some stars and stripes to both parts of the bikini. I hope I have enough fabric for the back of the bikini bottoms, which are red. I have boots like the ones Lady Gaga wears in the video, but in black, I can borrow a wig, and the hairband shouldn't be too hard.

Applique will work better than paint due to the fabric of the bikini, which is slippery feeling-I don't think it will hold paint well, though I can use paint on the headband.

I sincerely hope that some other people turn up in costume.

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