Friday, September 17, 2010

Violet skirt 90% done

Finally the organza overlay is attached to the purple skirt. Yay for eyelet tape: it has saved me so much work. It was a chore enough to attach the eight lengths of eyelet tape to the four sections (a miscalculation on my part: I made six panels when in fact only four were needed, and in fact on four would fit. Whoops!). First I had to make rolled hems on the organza panels, then baste them, then cut out and pin down lengths of eyelet tape, then sew the tape on. It's a good thing I borrowed a sewing machine for this!
I cheated with the "embreyo" shapes and the stripes: there are less stripes and instead of sewing the shapes on, they are glue on. I haven't finished them all yet, but so far they look good.

It was worth the effort because the skirt looks fantastic, and another major part of the costume is finished. This means I can work on my Lady Gaga costume with minimal guilt. I still need to make the pleats for the hem, finish the sleeves, put in the rest of the eyelets lace up anything that needs lacing, find some ribbon for my hair , write a presentation about cosplay and come up with some sort of necklace to wear (if you look at the picture you can see some kind of locket).

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