Friday, October 22, 2010

Potential Projects

In the event that I ever do a non-cosplay related project, here are a few pieces I've seen on the Internet and would really like to make.

First up, shiny red RTBU leggings.
Shiny, aren't they?
Threadbanger have a tutorial on how to make yoga pants, which for my purposes is similar enough. My leggings will probably have shorter legs than the actual leggings have, for the sake of convenience.

Next on the agenda is another RTBU item: a biker style punk dress in tartan. I really wanted to make this from recycled shirts but I cannot find large enough shirts for a decent price. The alternative seems to be making a dress from scratch, but I've never made one with a zip like this, so it will be difficult.
The Ironfist Hoody. Oh how I love this. Drat you, student budget! This one involves a lot less work, since I can buy a base hoodie to use (Terranova and Jennifer have some nice ones). The problem is how to apply the image. I'm torn between fabric paint.markers, screen-printing and being lazy and getting a professional to do it for me.
The Zara horse print tunic. I did see this in shops-alas, it was sale time and all of them were too large, and taking them in would have spoiled the print. I have no clue how I will do this one: any ideas would be appreciated.
Another RTBU item (slight obsession on my part!), a leopard print jacket. While leopard print coats seem to be in fashion, none of them are quite this shape nor length: short and tailored. The lining is quilted: I actually found ready-quilted lining at JB stores-it is in white but it will save a lot of work. I already have the fake fur
I actually found this on The Fashion Police ! I see their point: I dislike the sporty look of this Jeremy Scott x Adidas piece: it doesn't look right with the wings. I would like to lengthen the boustier (some tops shouldn't be tight AND short) and get rid of the straps for this piece.

What about you? Are there any clothes you've seen that you would like to make your own version of, or recreate entirley? Tell me what you think.
PS. And if anyone has any ideas about the hrose print t-shirt, please tell me.

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