Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To Butcher a Curtain

MICA (Malta Islands Cosplay Association) are holding a cosplay competition on Sunday October 31, 2010 7:00 PM at Drayton Pub - Paceville, and guess who got asked to be a judge?

I suppose this is because I was a judge for the first day of the Comic Con cosplay contest.
I've spent a long time wondering which costume to make. Originally I was going to make Babydoll's costume as seen in the trailer of Sucker Punch but it will be a little too cold and I have never made a pleated skirt before.

And then inspiration hit in the form of 'Enchanted' and Giselle's curtain dress.

This costume is deceptively difficult. Lady E has broken down the construction of the dress over on her blog: this was the only analysis that I could find on the Intenret about this particular costume, though there are many on Giselle's wedding dress.

Here is my costume analysis (sorry for the terrible quality). The dress has a sweetheart neckline, then the bodice connects at the front to two panels of fabric, as the picture shows. At the back there is a scoop neck and two more panels: Lady E reckons that there is an invisible zip here. The original fabric is probably silk, though I'm going to cheat and use cotton or similar: then if I make a mistake it will be less tragic.
The underdress is several layers of fabric: white chiffon, pink chiffon and some opaque white cloth which might be satin. I have white fabric which is used to line curtains which can be used instead of chiffon, though I will have to find some opaque cloth: probably pink cotton.
The sleeves are little puff sleeves. They shouldn't be too bad. Giselle has a long ribbon slightly darker than her dress tie just under the bust: apparently it isn't sewn down.
There are some trims on the dress. On the neckline there's scalloped white lace and teal ruching. The front opening is trimmed with white eyelet lace and pink piping. There are also plenty of flowers on this ocstume: in the cnetre of the bust there's a sprig of pink blossoms, and two little rosettes in pink, just on the sides where the neckline meets the sleeves. Good thing I've watched Fabric Manipulation Flowers on Threadbanger (check out the rest of Secret Life of a Bionerd's stuff: she has loads of tutorials on making costumes). She's also got a bunch of ribbons and flowers in her hair: I can make a hair clip for my wig without hassle.

Apparently Giselle is wearing calf-length lace up boots. Not sure if I'll be able to fidn those, however, I have found an excellent tutorial on making boots
That's all for now.

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