Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MICA Filming Costume

MICA have organised a 'film' shoot to make a video about 'turning Japanese' on the 20th November. In that time, I have to create a costume, since I have no manga/anime/Japanese costumes: the nearest I have is a Gothic kimono, but it seems lazy to use it. So my costume will be . . . (drum roll please)

San from "Princess Mononoke". Not only is this one of my favourite films (I like most of the Miyazaki films) but I have most of the things I need to make the costume: a big fluffy sheepskin, cloth that can be dyed to the right shade, balloons and paper mache to make the mask, polymer clay to make the accessories, Ugg boots-oh, and my hair is the right colour and length.

I've actually done quite a bit already: the first layer of paper mache is drying as I type, I've made the skirt section of the dress and the tabard San wears over the dress (it's been dyed with tea and is drying in my room. It was going to sit in the garden to acquire a sun bleached look, but the cats keep trying to kill it. Since it is a slightly fragile ex-pillowcase, I would like to avoid that). Need to figure out how to make the top section of the dress: probably will be similar to the star dress

The mask will be a lot of fun to complete. Right now it is very annoying. Hopefully adding the decorations and the ears will be more enjoyable than wrestling with crepe paper, glue and an balloon determined to escape from me.

As for the earrings, my plan is to use an old pair of hoop earrings and make them a similar shape to San's with masking tape and a THIN layer of polymer clay, then cook 'em. Same thing for the necklace.


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