Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Too many costumes!

NEVER work on three costumes at once! It is very tiring nad confusing. At least the Princess Mononoke one is finished. I ended up recycling a polo neck sweater to make the dress. The mask was fantastic. The sheepskin didn't try to strangle me and the vegan police didn't come to arrest me.
Here's a picture of me and the other cosplayers from the Turning Japanese shoot.

My Bellatrix costume (which will probably be used for the NEXT HP7) has issues with the corset. I chopped up an old leather skirt to use, and I drafted a pattern using Dark DIY's guide , but it doesn't fit very well and look pretty manky. And my machine hates leather and leather needles-it has bust 3 needles already. I may have to bid adieu to the corset and make another one out of a more pliable material: any suggestions? I've also heard of a material called liquid latexs-you can make a corset out of cotton or something and paint over it with the liquid latex, and get this leathery effect.

The actual dress is more or less finished. It's a velvet dress which I resized and covered in silver swirls at the bust. The gloves need to have the last few eyelets inserted: I used eyelet tape for the sides, but to connect the gloves to the dress I need to add some eyelets by hand.

The final costume is Magenta from the Rocky Horror Show. This is turning into a reconstructin project: I cut the collar and cuffs off an old school shirt nad basted them to a black shirt. Paired with a black skirt, it look like a dress. The apron is made from an old sheet and an old skirt. The skirt in question was tiered, so I removed the two bottom tiers nad made them into straps and ruffles. He sheet makes up the front of the apron. It still needs to be sewn together, but it looks great. I also need to come up with some sort of maid cap.

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