Friday, December 3, 2010

Sunday: MICA Official Opening

What a blast that was! Last Sunday, Baystreet had its 10th Birthday (Baystreet is a complex similar to a shopping mall but quite small in comparison to one you would find, say, in America), and MICA provided some of he entertainment. there were also belly dancers, tango dancers, tons of singers, short plays, martial arts demonstrations and probably a few things that I didn't notice when I was buying pizza and a smoothie (mmm, Dr Juice).

Our first skit was the Time Warp. That was fun, even when the sound started acting strangely (the mikes started hissing). I think our Frankenfurter scared a few people when in costume (probably just as well he had a Deadpool costume to change into).
Those kids looked a little freaked out :P I think we may have corrupted their poor little minds-much more than a Bratz doll could ever hope to accomplish (cos apparently Bratz dolls send a negative image or something).

The second skit was a Princess Mononoke/Naruto crossover (the guy behind me is meant to be a wolf. He had about one day to assemble the costume, hence he is a black rather than a white wolf). The idea was that two Anbu memebers were commissioned to assasinate San and her wolf brother. THey eventually track her down, but start arguing about who is going to kill her. In that time, San and the wolf sneak up on them, and ambush them. We used "The Crablouse" the version from the Sucker Punch trailer . The fight was great-I dropped my spear, but managed to make it look like part of the fight. The 'wolf'' really went for it-very realistic performance.

And now that's dfone, the next event is TV. Another cosplayers (I think she'll be in her Gaara costume from naruto) and myself will be appearing on Maltese TV (I'll be in my Violet Baudelaire costume) this Sunday. Did you know there's a TV studio in Qormi? I didn't!

After that there will be a cosplay party on the 12th, once again at Drayton. I would love to have a new costume ready by then but I doubt I will. I'd love to be either Sayuri (without the top layer kimono-way too much silk) or Mrs Lovett. Possibly Bellatrix if I finish the corset any time soon-darn that leather! I wish I could find an alternative material that isn't so hard to sew yet still has that lovely texture.

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