Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cosplay and non-cosplay projects


A non-cosplay related project this time: pillowcase skirts.

So far, only the red one is finished. I based these on a Chic Steals tutorial but I skipped the elastic waistband and replaced it with a cloth one. I also added a zip and a button (a surprisingly nice one that I found on a pair of overalls). Here's the black version. The zip is brown because that's the darkest the shop had.

My completed Bellatrix costume. This was a simple enough dress: I just altered a huge dress that I found in a charity shop to the appropriate size. the gloves were made of some cheap stretchy velvet (the sort that gets made into tracksuits) with eyelet tape down the sides. The gloves are sewn to the dress with black wool. I also laced them up with wool.

THIS, on the other hand, was a nightmare.

Hand-sewn leather under-bust corset. I would like nothing better than to replace this, but it will do for tomorrow: MICA are having a Christmas party at the Drayton, and the DVD of Turning Japanese will be released, which should be worth watching.
I'm pleased with the necklace: the bird skull is made from polymer clay, with wire inside to make a loop so that it can hang on a necklace. Now all I have to do is curl my hair and look crazy-and wear a warm coat, because the temperature is dropping like crazy.
I totally forgot to mention this, but last week a fellow cosplayer (she was dressed as Misa from Death Note. I'm plotting to steal her wonderful boots. And choker. Possibly socks too :) ) and I represented MICA on the television programme 'Hadd Ghalik'. Eesh, now I know why Maltese TV has such a bad reputation (I don't watch Maltese television). It was a game show, but in between games there were dances (why oh why does everyone dance to Grease Lightnin'? It is such a cliche.) and songs (Mamma Mia-another cliche but fun, not to mention a crowd pleaser; and some song I don't know). We had to stand among the audience and 'attract attention to ourselves' (that was our brief). Being honest, the little girl who zoomed on stage during one of the games got more publicity than us (though that really annoyed the presenter-justifiably).
We had the camera on us once while we were in the audience, just to say who we were, and we presented the prizes at the end.

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