Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year and the like

Firstly, a very late Happy Xmas and Happy New Year. Time for a short review in cosplay:

Ariel: This was the first costume I made from scratch and even made a walk through for. I had a lot of fun seam ripping the trousers I used to make this, though printing the fish scales soon became monotonous.
Violet Baudelaire : I tried out so many new techniques: drafting a bodice, setting eyelets, using organza and chiffon, pleating, circle skirts, godets (I added one for when I went on a TV show 'Hadd Ghalik': the waistband was much too tight), and even customising shoes! I'm really proud of this costume. This costume also established a firm respect for Colleen Atwood's work: I cut a few corners and it was still a long hard slog.
Lady Gaga : Again, I learnt plenty from making this, such as how to make shorts, and that next time I should fasten the top with a separating zipper, not poppers (which tend to come undone). What pleased me that most was that i made this from two t-shirts.
Giselle : I admire anyone who can make this kind of dress: it is very difficult. Since it is made of multiple layers, I had to make sure to catch all the layers when I sewed the bodice to the skirt. I also had problems with the back: I'd drafted the bodice in a way that made the zip balloon outwards. This dress was also a monster to hem. I did enjoy adding the flowers and lace. I think that if I wear it again I will put hook and eyes in the back to fasten (hooray for hook and eye tape) and tighten the sleeves (they kept falling off my shoulders). I'm not sure whether I should add all the embroidery, because I like the dress as it is.
Magenta : This was just fun to make, and really simple. The apron was entirely handmade, the rest was just customised with the collar and cuffs from a white shirt.
San : Easy project, made by recycling a purple polo neck and a pillowcase, draping a sheepskin around my shoulders and playing around with papiermache.
Bellatrix Lestrange : Relatively simple dress (just altered a charity shop find), but I hate the corset: it looks horrible. I also wish I could have found the proper boots: Secondly, what's in progress:
Surprisingly, quite a few of my RTBU loves are current projects.
This 'fairy' skirt is coming to life as a tatter skirt as created by Addie Marie : do have a look at her website, because she's extremely talented, both as a seamstress and as a photographer. I'm using an opaque base layer of black lining (from the skirt I used to make my Bellatrix corset) with leftover organza and chiffon on top.This leopard jacket is almost finished. I based it on a Burdastyle pattern (I think it was in the December issue) and altered it: made the body shorter, the sleeves longer, and I added a collar (which has to be sewn on by hand). I'm considering making this into a convertible coat/jacket: there would be a piece of leopard fur that attaches to the jacket with hooks and eyes, making it into a leopard coat. First thing's first, though: find fasteners for the jacket and finish sewing the collar on.I went on a spur of the moment trip to Valletta and found a pink plaid skirt in XL, which fitted me like a short dress. One tin of red Dylon later, and it will be the perfect colour. The shirt is a button up: the buttons are beautiful, and it's almost a shame that I had to take them off, but I want this dress to zip up.

All that's to come (hah ha, Imogen Heap reference)
Here are the cosplays in line (sorry about the poor clarity)
I'm not sure if I'll manage all of them, but I do want to complete Haruhi and Babydoll.
In addition, I have to design original costumes for the Mad March hare and the Dormouse, which will be interesting.

How were your holidays, and what projects are you planning?

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