Monday, January 10, 2011

A Leopard in Noto

I don't normally bother with new year's resolutions, but after viewing Addie Marie's blog I saw that presentation really does matter when it comes to show casing clothes and costumes. So when we went on a day trip to Sicily I took advantage of the beautiful town of Noto and got some photos. A little playing around in photoshop (I love the textures that come with ImagineFX magazine) and here they are. Compare with this shot.
It was worth running around Noto like a headless chicken to get good pictures of the jacket. I love this jacket: it is super warm thanks to the fleece lining, has one inside pocket (I haven't inserted the other one yet) and closes by means of hooks and eyes.
Once I get my driving licence I'm going to take advantage of the beautiful local scenery (what's left of it) and get pictures of clothing and costumes. One fabulous location is the local skatepark: it is covered in wonderful graffiti, including a few by my friend iella . There's also the woods, various old palaces, fortresses and cities, cliffs and beaches to utilise. And I'l like to use animals in photoshoots: I can ride horses well (and so I should, after 10 years of riding), and I love dogs and cats. Watch this space.
Things to do:
March Hare costume, tartan dress, Ouran blazer . . .

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