Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quick pre-exam update

Before exams hit next week, I wanted to be able to get a little writing in.
Firstly, I'm working on making a tartan biker dress, as on my wish list of things to make. I need to redye it, because the first round of dying didn't cover it properly: I think I need to use a bigger dye vessel.

I'm a bit stretched for finances due to some travelling expenses I'll be incurring. I'm considering opening an etsy shop. The price of registration of items seems relatively inexpensive, and if I can sell items at a good price it would probably cover any postage expenses (I'm not sure whether the seller pays for postage or the buyer). Does anyone have experience as an etsy seller who can advise me?

Being stretched for finances doesn't mean that I won't make the costumes on my wish list. The Babydoll costume is going ahead, though I will be using old clothes to make it (I have a sweater dress which, after a little dye, will be perfect). The same goes for the Mrs Lovett costume. I'm also making a Mad March hare costume, for which I will raid my fabric stash (I have a fabulous old t-shirt which I will use to make waistcoat lining)

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