Thursday, January 27, 2011

March Hare costume progress

Waistcoat: DONE.
THe waistcoat is made from old curtain fabric. The dark brown flowers are flocked, and I think the light brown flowers are screen printed. The lining is made from an old banner I made for a New Year's Party (Genesis: A New Beginning. Eve's head is on one of the back piece, whereh the yoke meets the centre back). I messed up the armholes by sewing them and then trying to turn the whole lot inside out: I keep forgetting that that doesn't work. So I had to seam rip them and sew them shut from the outide, only I messed them up so much that there wasn't much to sew :( Cue the beautiful trim that my mother gave me (thanks Mum). I used some fantastic buttons from my 'stash of old clothes destined to be recycled', and had fun playing with the buttonhole foot.

Shirt: 25%
This is my old graduation shirt. It's a tradition that on graduation (not the actual ceremony) from secondary, everyone writes with marker over their friends' shirts. Mine is covered in multicoloured writing (me being me, I brought fabric markers with me for that day). I'm overlaying the writing with Tenniel's illustrations from both Alice books, using Dylon Image Maker. The good thing about this stuff is that you can use photocopies. I've cut the neckline and I'll make a casing for elastic. Same for the sleeves.

Cravatte: DONE
Based on this tutorial
Mine is much less uniform. THe base is green cotton, stained with bleack and sepia acrylic ink, covered with every scrap of lace and ribbon that I could find, as well as some waistcoat scraps. The final touch is a leopard print flower with a bead in the centre. It looks very bizarre Ears and tail: DONE
Based on a Threadbanger tutorial, except that I wired the ears to a hairband rather than making a hood. The ears are brown fake fur with pink lining. THe tail is just a scrap of white fur (used to be a hair elastic) with a safety pin

Trousers: 30%
Finished applying masking tape to the front. I'm going to spray them black for a stripy look. Spats: 0%
Not even started. I'm not sure what to make them of, whether to use buttons or velcro, to make them plain or patterned. I was thinking of using bleach to create a steampunk look by painting gears on black fleece, but my last bleach experiment wasn't very successful (the bleaching on the jabot is virtually non-existant).

If anyone has any tips on bleaching, please let me know.

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  1. The cravat is lovely - nice colours. Am looking forward to see the whole ensemble together!