Monday, February 21, 2011

Lots of little things

The March Hare costume has debuted :) It was great: very confortable , yet elegant. Pity I lost my tail in the car before I arrived at the party. Oh well, next time. My good pal the Dormouse (whom you may know as pkdesigner on deviantart)also made a costume, and did very innovative diamond decorations from contact paper (aka sticky back plastic). I'm not sure whether to keep the waistcoat though. It is one of my more professional looking pieces ,adn I have a feeling that I could sell it. Any takers?

I am going to be writing an article on Lolita fashion (under the title Loli fashion. Thank you very much Nabokov ;( ) I can't post it up here for a while: it's part of a course I'm doing on writing to get published, and if it's good enough there's a chance that I may actually be able to place it in a magazine. If this doesn't happen, it's going straight up here, though.

I managed to finish plenty of little things: the Ouran blazers are taking shape. Thanks to those who replied to my post on the forum.

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