Monday, March 7, 2011

Dingli carnival

And so it was that the once proud Anbu were reduced to this . . .
MICA (Maltese Islands Cosplay Association) took part in the Dingli carnival show yesterday. My group did a Sucker Punch/Naruto skit (I know, it sounds weird). It was Babydoll versus 2 ninjas, who are in Madam Gorski's pay (they work for cookies). Good thing my ninja pals brought spare swords: my papier mache one broke!


It was cold: FAR too cold to stand around in tights, a mini skirt and a crop top! I was so cold that I actually didn't care that my skirt and top were different shades of blue (will need to be rectified: the skirt is navy, the top is bright blue)
Colour clash! CLASH!
The other skits were a Yu gi oh skits: lots of fighting monsters; and a Chobits dance (Chi plugged into a laptop to charge, then leaping into action).

The ninjas, Riff Raff (remember MICA's November debut?) and I then went and ate fabulous pizza at Fontanella in Mdina.

Viva cosplay!

Weird event: as we were walking up to Mdina, we met a nun carrying a cloth bag. She stopped and asked if we wanted what was in the bag . . . which turned out to be a bright green chameleon. It was beautiful: I'm not keen on lizards but this was a gorgeous chameleon. I've never seen one that colour: they seem to prefer shades of brown but this one practically yelled 'Hey look at me! I don't do camouflage-I'm neon!' We told her to set it free-hope she did. There's a night club nearby that he/she probably would love (night clubbing' chameleons: coming to a club near you)

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