Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Hatter: very very late for a very important date

My completed March Hare costume! This is me taking a break from my serving duties at the art party (11 February)
I love these Art Parties: they're fun even when you're a waitress. Mainly because we were allowed to enjoy the various nibbles on offer, which included delicious lamb meatballs with a mint yoghurt dip (a bit like kofta), quiche, strawberries on a stick, AMAZING brownies and stuffed olives.

The Dormouse and I were in charge of pouring drinks, carrying dishes to and fro, and offering extremely delicious food (which did not make people shrink or expand. Nor was it labelled 'Eat me') to the guests-even to those who were busily painting away. There was a lot of talent there. One man did this brilliant surreal painting of Mdina of a pinnacle of rock, high in the sky. I displayed a few of my works in a display folder, just in case anyone wanted a look. I think this is my first original costume. I'm really pleased with it, and how it evolved (the shirt was originally plain; I ended up covering it in transfer images of Tenniel's illustrations, though you can't really tell from the photos). The waistcoat is my favourite part of the finished costume: that old curtain fabric looks so sophisticated as a waistcoat. The Burton-esque cutoffs were probably the easiest part of the costume: just stick on the masking tape and spray paint! This costume has one major advantage over the other costumes I've done: no need for contact lenses. I can just wear my glasses (one day I might do a Velma costume just so I can wear glasses). My dear Dormouse did a fantastic job with her costume. It's altered from a carnival costume. You can't see it very well, but she has a sort of bustle skirt at the back, and the decorations on her costume are made with contact paper.

A more recent costume adventure happened last Friday on a night out. I went dressed as Lady Gaga in my Telephone bikini. I brought a warm jacket and wore tights: good thing I did, it was freezing. For once I was actually glad to be wearing a wig cap and wig. The rest of our group were dressed as pimps, the green fairy, a devil and Playboy bunnies. It was a little sad to see so very few people dressed up for Carnival. I suppose everyone who wanted to dress up went to the Nadur Carnival in Gozo (I would have gone, but for the Sucker Punch/Naruto skit), where not only is everyone in costume, but the costumes tend to be a little scary. It was also at the Nadur Carnival where a year or two ago someone got in trouble for dressing up as Jesus (thank you, ridiculously pro-Church legislation).

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