Saturday, March 12, 2011

The long-awaited legwarmers

You may remember that my March Hare costume was originally going to have legwarmers. Due to my sewing machine having a nervous breakdown, it didn't get any. I only finished them today. They're made of fleece, with some cotton (part of a pillowcase, but embellished with silver paint textures) reinforcing the area where the buttons and buttonholes are. I used Laupre's tutorial. The buttons are my favourite part: they look like faux- silver, with a dented appearance. The 'photo-shoot' was fun. Indigo (black and white) and Tabby (tabby and white) were having a little snooze, and were roped in as models. Gogo (the micro cat) would have been involved, but she has a cold and a gross eye infection, so her modelling career will have to wait :)
I played around with Photoshop. So far my favourite is this photo of Tabby. I used a textured (courtesy of Imagine FX) soft light layer, and sized it to be smaller than the background. I love the high contrast and metallic texture: not sure if it would work for every photo, but here it looks great.

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