Sunday, May 29, 2011


Sorry about the capital letters, but I'm just so glad that the silly error that prevented me from uploading images is over and done with. And about time too-now you can see my upcoming costumes: not one, not two, but three news costumes!
Firstly, Rei's (Sailor Mars) school uniform from the live action series. Mine is mostly done, except for the pocket with the school crest. The stripe on the collar was a pain: I paint the stripe on the wrong part nad had to try and get rid of it: THe fabric still has a reddish stain: not sure what I can do about that. My stripe probably needs to be wider too.

The photo makes the stain look better than it really is
The skirt turned out quite nice: it's a very simple loosely pleated skirt. in the same fabric as the collar. This costume is a perfect example of cosplay on a budget: all I bought were four black button for the front of the uniform. The darker grey material came from a dress that a friend of mine no longer wanted, and the top is one that I had in my wardrobe. Socks and shos I already have, so all in all this was quite a simple costume.

Mars' sailor fuku is much harder to make. Since this will be worn for a group cosplay, we all want to match, so our gloves and leotards will be bought. I've already made the purple bow-mine is more of a reddish purple than the bow in the photo.
My bow

Moon and Jupiter's Tiaras
 The gems are a lot of fun to make: just hot glue and markers for colour, with clear nail polish to make them shine. The skirt and hip roll will be one piece, separate from the leotard. The tiara is simple: craft foam and gold fabric paint. The only problem is that it creases very easily.

And finally . . .
To protect the world from devastation . . . to unite all peoples within our nation . . . Team Rocket Cosplay is blasting off at the speed of light!

I never really liked Pokemon-the concept of sticking an animal into a ball didn't grow on me- but I like Team Rocket. Jessie's outfit is a little tricky, in that I have to figure out how to make thigh high boot covers (and find shoes to pair them with), make a white miniskirt that isn't transparent in bright light, and figure out how to make her collar (I suspect it's a roll neck, in which case I will hack a poor roll neck T-shirt to pieces). I found a gigantic white sweatshirt in my stash which is perfect for this costume. Here is a poor quality photo of the costume so far. The sweatshirt has been cut in half, the sleeves caps altered to fit my shoulders betters, and a litte mini skirt made from the excess fabric. Nothing is sewn yet (no time-still studying law and IR) but when I have a moment everything will be sewn in place and a zipper added to the skirt. the top will fasten with poppers. I got lucky and found a black tube top and a pair of long black gloves (my grandmother's. Her hands were tiny: the gloves barely cover my hand)-shorter than Jessie's but beggars can't be choosers.

It looks worse than it is
Sadly doing a proper Jessie wig is not feasible, due to lack of time and money (though if I ever do make it, it will be made of cheap Halloween wigs and not quality wigs). I'm borrowing a burgundy wig instead. Oh, and I need to make her earrings.

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