Saturday, May 21, 2011

Upload problems and next costumes

Is anyone else having trouble uploading images on to Blogger? Mine claims that there is an internal error. I've tried everything listed in the FAQs, and nothing's worked so far.

In other news, I have two new costumes on my agenda, for a project that I want to keep hush about for now,until it's released. It involves film, lots of choreography, and five Sailor Senshi. Yours truly is Sailor Mars (from the live action series). Not only do I have to make the hero outfit, but I'll be making her school uniform. Luckily Rei's uniform can be thrifted in parts. I found some great jersey material for the skirt and sailor collar, and I sewed some red brocade (I think its brocade, at least) into a strip for the ribbon. I already have the bow (in the same material)-score for me :)

Sailor Mars's sailor fuku is trickier. My group will be using leotards-buying them rather than making them because it is really tough to make a good leotard (I speak from experience-anyone remember my Lady Gaga leotard?), along with gloves-I've found some really nice pairs on ebay. Everything else will be handmade, including the tiaras. As regards tiaras, are there any particular advantages in using craft foam?

EDIT: we ended up not using leotards. We used t-shirt, which were fastened to the hip rolls with snaps.

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