Sunday, May 1, 2011


Yesterday I spent from 10 am til 6pm running around at the Point Mall in not one but two costumes (changed at around 3pm), selling handicrafts, sampling delicious sushi, coughing (I have a very nasty cough-my diaphragm is starting to hurt) and giving a lecture on Cosplay. Why? Because it was Japanease: the big fundraising event for victims of the tsunami in Japan.

As you can see I updated the costume: the top was redyed, the skirt was remade from a remnant piece of cotton drill (I love the bargain bin). I forgot the black hairband, but it still looks okay, apart from the wig: I actually got a replacement in a darker blonde just so that I at least own one good quality wig.

I had a little table to myself. I was surprised at what sold: no one touched the cute little polymer clay shape barette clips (shaped like hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades), but went for items like bows, and only a few of them sold. I had painted two containers and glued on a polymer clay gear to each: both sold, as did post cards. Bizarrley very few headbands sold, aside from a set of bunny ears. I also sold two of the mini tophats that I made.

We also had a skit: the Joker and Harley's Bad Romance, with a guest appearance by Lady Gaga (ie me). I'm the one in the red leotard, which I made from jersey. Not bad for a first attempt if I do say so myself. We used the Glee version of the song.

This skit is one of the best I've been in: we copied the dance from this excellent tutorial. What was funny is that all but one of the dancers were girls: even Joker was played by a girl. THis is because almost all the guys we know are too repressed to dance in public :P So to the guy who played the Joker's henchman, you are awesome. I wish I had photos of hte cake we used in this skit: in the beginning we were all crouched behind a cardboard cake, with only Harley and Joker on the stage. WHen the music starts (on the words 'bad romance') we pushed the cake to the floor and joined the dance.

EDIT: I've just realised: I've actually completed one of the costumes on my list for 2011
. Woohoo!

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