Sunday, April 3, 2011

St Patrick's Day Hoodie and hanging pookets

The St Patrick's day hoodie was actually finished on the eve of the 16th-just in the nick of time. It's made fom an old black sweat shirt . . .

. . . and a shiny green hoodie (sorry for the terrible quality)
Here are some WIPS. This one was after I'd finished the body but was constructing the hood
The hood and the liningThe finished hoodie
And no St Patrick's day clothing would be complete without a shamrock. I appliqued mine on: I wish I'd used intrfacing because it kept sliding around.
Another project I'm working on is what I'm calling hanging pockets, though there's probably a proper word. There just pockets sewn to backing fabric, and you hang it from the wall and store whatever you want in them. I saw one in the background of Secret Life of a Bionerd's video's and thought I would try and make one. Unfortunatley my sewing machine got jammed, so the pockets will have to be sewn on by hand. Does nayone lese have this much trouble with the Silvercrest machine from LIDL?

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