Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sweet Pea

I'm already worrying about accuracy! What's that belt around her middle? Wasn't she wearing suspenders in a different image? That sleeves looks longer than I thought! Is the gap in her coat lacing meant to be that wide? Oh darn her coat is longer than I thought!

The Sweet Pea cosplay construction has begun in earnest. I already have a dark blonde wig, suitable boots (not exactly as they were inthe film, but close enough), and shorts and a tank to to wear underneath. I splashed out on fabrics and bought some two way stretch pleather. I was originally going to use cotton drill, but I think that the pleather looks better. I also bought some faux sheepskin/shearling to line the hood. That is actually a bit too white, and will have to go through a tea bath.

The muslin is more or less done too. I only made one half of it, in order to save on fabric while I was altering it. This was a good thing, since i cut huge pieces of fabric from the muslin during alteration. I might make a second half, but I'm not sure if I want to bother. This probably means that I should bother.

The McCalls' pattern that I own is incredibly versatile. I originally planned on using it for an Arwen costume, but with alteration it seems to make a good coat/jerkin.

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