Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bizenghast Dress

Pictures will come soon

I somehow found time to make this dress in between studying. It is entirely made of recycled materials. The dress is made from a skirt suit. I managed to recycle most of it. i even managed to reuse the facing. The top half of the dress is the suit jacket: I used a basic sloper pattern to get it to the right shape: said sloper is not very good, so I won't reuse the pattern. I had to pinch and pin and dart it into shape. The skirt has minimal alterations: I just got rid of the ugly trim, took out the ruching, removed the zip and sewed it to the bodice. The sleeves had to be removed so that i could fit the bodice, then I sewed them back on, gathering them as I went. The bottoms of the sleeves are elasticated.

The apron is made from a shirt (I may have mentioned it before). I had to buy the ribbon I used to decorate the hem and pockets. For the bow, instead of interfacing, I used an old plastic table cloth: it works just as well as middle to heavy weight interfacing. I've also used felt in the past for bows: works quite well too. I sewed the bow on to the back of the apron, so that I wouldn't have to fiddle with it later.

So, how much did it cost?
I wish I'd taken notes at the time.
But . . . the skirt suit was roughly 8 Euro. The shirt was approximatley 5 Euro. The ribbon and zip cost somewhere in the region of 3 Euro.
Total: 16 Euro.

Not bad at all.

Can't wait to set up a photoshoot with this costume. There are actually three costumes that I really want photos of: Sally, Sweet Pea, and this.

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