Monday, January 30, 2012

Babydoll's Gun

My lack of good props for my Babydoll cosplay has always annoyed me a little. The first props I created were AWFUL: a felt scabbard, a belt looped around my shoulder, and a felt pouch for the gun. It looked very messy: mind, my whole costume was messy the first time I made it.

So very slowly, I have been refining this costume, starting with the clothing, and moving up to the props. I'm not a dab hand with power tools, and coursework means I have restricted time to practise using them. In addition, I'm working on a tight budget, so for me, the best option is to alter what I can find.

 The Bird and the Bee's pistol and charms inspired me (if you have a bigger budget than me, I recommend it). Mine are a little more crude looking, but I think it adds to the rough and ready side of Babydoll's character. The charms are made from Polymer clay, painted with acrylics and nail varnish. The gun is a normal toy gun from a costume shop. All it needs is a holster and the gun is good to go! The katana is already in the post: I ordered a toy sword, which needs some fixing to make it look the part: spray paint is already at hand for that.

I'm also working on refining my Sweet Pea costume. The leather jacket turned out just how I wanted it, but the shorts and top annoyed me: velvet is the wrong material for Sweet Pea's warrior look, plus the top kept riding up. So . . . leotard time! It's actually going to be a black tank top, sewn to a pair of high waisted hot pants (which I still have to sew).


  1. hi i have a small question do you maybe cell this gun ?

    1. Hello,
      Yes, the gun is for sale. Email me on so we can discuss the price and postage.