Monday, January 30, 2012

Sweet Pea's leotard

Okay, I know she isn't actually wearing a leotard, but more about that later.

Fasten with hook and eye tape at crotch
 In all the stills, footage, and statuettes, Sweet Pea appears to be wearing a bikini under her coat. I'm not comfortable wearing that little, so I decided to make a leotard to replace my stretch velvet t-shirt and shorts.

This was quite simple. The top part is a tank top; the bottom was made by tracing some underwear and adding a trapezoidal shape to the top, to make high waisted hot pants. Then I sewed up the pants, and sewed them to the top. The leotard has hook and eye tape at the crotch for convenience's sake. The silver writing is there because the pants used to be a t-shirt (so this project is technically a t-shirt recon).
I also found time to make a bullet bandoleer for my boot. This used to be a choker: I sewed a strip of black pleather on top, making sure to leave loops for the bullets. The bullets are made from card, thin black tape, and red paper, stuffed with crepe paper to make them tougher.

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