Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mockups a plenty and works in progress

'Finally, an update' I hear you cry. I have been working on costumes, but until now I couldn't find the camera. So here are some updates.

I made the Silk Maiden dress from American McGee's Alice. The apron and main dress are complete. I wore the dress today for a test. Very comfortable to wear, though i think I will iron down the ruffle at the hem, to make the ruffles look more like pleats.

Around January I finished a mock up for the Queensland dress.
 The bodice pattern is one I found in the 3/2011 issue of Burda style: it's supposed to be for a wedding dress. I had to alter the bodice's length a little. By the way, the mockup is sitting on what was my first attempt at a duct tape dress form. I used to wrong sort of tape, so now it's falling to pieces. I'm planning a new duct tape form for the future: still figuring out how to make the stand, though.
 I also bought some fusible web to make all the appliqued decorations (see picture).

 This is the mockup for the bodice of a costume for another Alice entirely.
I thought that Burton's film was disappointing as a whole, but Colleen Attwood's designs did not disappoint. The dress ALice wears under the guise of 'Um' was my favourite dress from the whole film.
 I will have to fudge some things, such as the exact number of stripes on each piece. The picture above is the striped fabric basted to cotton drill pieces. The striped material was a lucky find in JB stores.
 Here is my attempt at pin basting: it didn't work out very well and I had to baste with thread. The pattern is another wedding dress pattern from Burda 3/2011. This pattern is absolutely perfect for the dress: the bodice only needed slight modification. The skirt is different from Alice's (3 tiers instead of 6) but you could still use it. Alternatively just create your own petticoat skirt, using Sugardale's tutorial
I made a mistake here. The side front panels have stripes horizontal, not vertical. I will have to be brave and unpick the bodice, re-cut the striped material, and sew it all together again. Some time. Probably around the same time I make a new dress form.

Anyone who wants to make this dress:
  •  the 3/2011 Burda pattern is great to use Just alter the bust so that instead of it making two triangles in front, it goes straight across the top.
  • Reference photos show that the striped fabric is slightly see-through. Probably organza, but the cotton that I'm using is very thin. You probably will not find striped organza. A lot of people on have sewn black ribbon on to white material to get that effect.
  • When putting the bodice together, make a mockup. If the mockup fits, you can reuse it as lining for your dress (waste not, want not)
  • Don't forget to leave a gap for the zip when you are sewing the pieces together.

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