Monday, March 19, 2012

Mini Me and Kanzashi Flowers

What's better than making crafts? Making crafts with a friend.
Today I invited over a friend to do some crafts. We started with fabric flowers, and she taught me to create kanzashi flowers.

They are actually really simple to make. You cut out 12 circles of cloth, any size you like, and fold the circle into quarters. Then you fold that into a petal shape, and in it into place. once you have 12 petals string them all on to a strong thread, and tied a sturdy knot. Add a button or gem in the centre to represent the pollen.

These flowers are great because they look very professional when you're finished. They make great brooches and hair accessories, but would look equally good sewn to a cushion.

I made three flowers: two out of the striped material (which I also used to create Dinah's striped apron), and one out of old curtain material. I also decorated the green ring in the background of this picture with a strip of leather covered in little studs. The ring looks cool but is too small for me: I think I will have to give it away.

The mini me of the title is a duct tape dress form. We spent the latter part of hte afternoon wrapping me in duct tape. If you ever decide to attempt this project, make sure to wrap your arms and neck last. It is much comfier that way.

I managed to cut the tape off myself with some difficult, and currently mini me is sitting in my room, recovering from the trauma. Later I will bulk up the form with a cardboard frame on the inside, then add a stand.

More photos
My friend made the two flowers at the back

By the way, is anyone else having a problem with the images on blogger? When I upload them, they keep getting rotated.

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