Saturday, April 21, 2012

Watercolour Progress: Leaves

I'm planning to upload pictures of my Arwen costume in action at Medieval Mdina soon. Until then, enjoy these progress pictures of a watercolour painting I've been working on.
I based the painting off a stock image from deviantart. I sketched out the picture, and photocopied it, enalrging the image to A3 size. To transfer the sketch to the watercolour paper, I covered the back of the photocopy with charcoal, taped it over the watercolour paper with masking tape, and drew over the outlines with a dull pencil. The watercolour paper is one of two large sheets I bought about 2 years ago.

The paper is very thick (almost as thick as cardboard,) cold pressed, with a slight texture on one side. It is very durable, and doesn't warp too much (it did stretch a little under the background washes)

 I've painted the background and her skin. The red blobs on her face are meant to be blush: they dried much lighter and less blotchy looking.
 Lips are done. I used ecoline watercolours to paint them: they are extremely bright. Also added the first wash for the hair.
 Her hair's all done. More ecoline: it is so vivid! Her eyes are done too, and I've started the leaves.
Almost done, needs to be scanned and pieced together in Photoshop (I will have to scan it in two parts, because it is bigger than my scanner bed). I made the background darker, and added texture with salt and surgical spirit.

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